Learn Electronic Music Production
course in Dubai

from experienced professionals - with more than 25 years of experience in music industry


Learn from the basics of music theory to create your own beats and original songs to the art of mixing


Create your own Original Beats

Learn from the basics of music theory to the advanced level of mixing on industry-standard software. Create your beats and music with advanced training from experienced music producers from the industry.

Course Structure

Music Theory from scratch

First and foremost class starts with the knowledge and training in basic to advanced music theory. In this session you will be taught from scales, chords to how chord progressions work. How to evaluate various time signatures and understanding genres in music, etc.

6 Hours

Introduction to DAW

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), is the software used for music production. In this session, you will learn which DAW is suited or comfortable for you. You will learn how to use the DAW and navigate through various sessions inside the DAW. Learn Editing audio, creating midis, the recording process, writing your chords to melodies, etc.

4 Hours

Sound Designing

Learn to create your sounds for your music. This is the most integral part of electronic music production. Get to know and understand various instruments inside a VST (Virtual Studio Technology). Learn to tweak a VST to produce your signature sounds.

4 Hours

Understanding Chords and Chord Progressions

In this session, we will cover, how to create various beats depending on particular genres. How time signatures work inside music. creating chords to rhythms, etc.

6 Hours

Music Arrangement

Arranging various sections in a song. Understanding verse, chorus, bridge, etc inside a song. How to build your own song structure and compositions within the DAW.

6 Hours

Mixing and Mastering

The final session will be about understanding various effects, eq's, and compression. How to use the mixer inside a DAW. Learn how to mix your tracks and get industry-standard sound quality for your release.

4 Hours

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