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With 23 years of professional audio experience in the middle east, we can deliver you the best quality as per industry standards.



Our recording studio in Dubai
is operating since 2001

Studio9, a recording studio in Dubai with doors open since 2001, brings your musical ideas to life. Offering recording, mixing, and mastering services, they've helped artists create top-notch audio for over two decades.

Studio9 is a space where we can continue to grow our creativity.

A place where we can realise exciting new projects, collaborate with talented people and develop exemplary work. The first and the best recording studio in Dubai.

Experienced audio engineers with a passion for details

Veteran audio engineers: the magic ears behind your favourite albums. Years of honing their craft translate to capturing & sculpting sound that enthrals.


Dj Neo with an experience of more than 30 years in the music industry has worked with many talented artists at Studio9 for more than 20 years.

Produce & compose original music

We can produce original music as per your composition and arrangements with 10 years copyright.

High-end mixing and
mastering technology

Mixing sculpts your tracks, and mastering polishes the final gem. Both balance sound for a radio-ready shine.

Book your sessions as per your usage

You can use our studio per hour basis and be creative without being charged more than what is required.

Recording instruments
and vocal sessions

Record your vocals and instruments in our soundproofed studio rooms with exceptional quality .

Tailor made courses only for you:

We value your time & money. You can choose any of the
course as per your Budget & Time.

Learn Music Production to Audio Engineering

Established since 2001, we have taught thousands of students from the basics of music production to the mastering of audio engineering. Visit us to know more.
Electronic Music Production Course

Learn from the basics of music production to mastering a full song

Audio Engineering Course

Master the techniques of sound with our professional training

„This recording studio in Dubai has excellent staff in terms of customer service, has outstanding quality of recording, and delivers their promise on time! Highly recommended!”

Rommel Sergio
from Dubai

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