Learn Audio & Sound Engineering Course

From LIVE to Studio. Learn advanced Audio Engineering techniques

Course Structure

Understanding various Audio Cables

You will be learning about various audio cables and cable management in Audio Engineering. This is the first most pillar in sound engineering each and every student need to learn.

6 Hours

Introduction to Analog & Digital Mixers

Understanding what is an Audio Mixer and how it works is our prime goal in this section. These mixers are integral equipment or simply put "this is the heart of any recording studio or live set-up."

4 Hours

Understanding how EQ & Compressions works

Here comes the part where we learn how we use these effects while recording in a studio or on live stages. Understanding various frequencies in a sound and then using it properly is audio engineering.

4 Hours

Understanding BUS, AUX, Effects & Matrix mixes

In this session, we will be covering how we use the sounds to send it to various bus channels to use audio fx, etc. We will also learn how to use various aux sends for live sessions and matrixes and the use of it as well.

6 Hours

How to Record (LIVE & Studio)

Here comes the best part in any of the sessions. Every engineer needs to understand how to record properly. Using EQ's & Compressions while live recording and how to use them to get a clean audio to do our mix later.

6 Hours

Mixing and Mastering

The final session will be about understanding various effects, eq's, and compression. How to use the mixer inside a DAW and Analog. Learn how to mix your tracks and get industry-standard sound quality for your release.

4 Hours

And much more...

These are just a part of the training. Please contact us to get the full details and syllabus about the course.

4 Hours

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