We offer the best affordable rates which will attract and afford you. Even though our rates are low, we do not compromise on our Quality. Our proof of quality comes from the list of our customers & companies projects which we have done for them. Call us now.

Audio Recording

At our recording studio, allowing you to benefit it all under one roof, delivering your audio and visual production on time and every time within your budget.
Our studio has the highest range of industry standard equipment for production.

DJ Course

DJ Courses in Dubai is the best starting point for anyone from Dubai who is just beginning to learn about DJing. Even if you’re a more seasoned musician who is already experienced in DJ setup, this course still provides some important tips in getting the most out of your station.


A flourishing recording studio based in the heart of the Dubai; we offer a personal touch to help you feel involved in the creative process. A facility that is solely introduced for our valued clients and upcoming talents added to our stream of events for sound recording and mixing. Unique of its kind, specially designed to achieve the desired acoustic properties (sound diffusion, low level of reflections, adequate reverberation time for the size of the ambient, etc.)

Taking you a step closer

Our vast repertoire of services has given us the pleasure of working with a wide variety of companies and brands ranging within the region and across the globe. To work remotely, we use project management tools, where you are able to track progress on a real time. We communicate directly through email, over the phone or on IM / Skype. We provide clients with the infrastructure to facilitate any brief from conception to completion fostering the productivity and development of the desired brand of product / service.




  • Kurt Parry, Freelance Journalist

    Absolutely fantastic experience with such Professionalism, friendly service & advice. Recommend to all!

  • Jessa Lopez, Professional Singer

    Studio9 is an amazing recording studio. Its atmosphere represents the quality of their business. Very affordable rates with professional equipments & sound engineers. Good customer service.

  • Eric Davy Moubikou, Professional Singer

    Studio9 is my favorite spot. They have helped me to be inspired of becoming a professional singer & opened my mind for what I am off to. Thanks...