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When i first put my hands over Virtual Dj, i was surprised to learn and see how this software did the mixing so easy. To my shock, it can even play from the playlist all by itself. Software’s like Winamp follows the same rules of mixing to the closest beat. Now, Digital deejaying equipment’s like Serato & Traktor who are taking the most prominent so called professional deejaying making as their slaves. People do say that, that DJ sucks, “He is playing from the computer”. Well, when i put my hands on Traktor for the first time, i felt like an idiot. Eventually, by learning and spending more time figuring out how i can utilize this amazing technology with my talent – i felt as i opened my talent to a next level. Yes, after i introduced myself into Digital deejaying i never looked back. It doesn’t mean, that i don’t mix. I pretty well mix by using the same decks and mixers. The only difference is that i am not burning any CD’s or carrying my bulky and heavy CD files anymore. I was blessed by saving my time which, i used to spend for searching music over the net, burning them, writing and finally filing it for my next gig. Today, i walk in a club with my Mac pro and my TRAKTOR, that’s it – i plug in the wires with the players and the mixers, put my two time-code vinyls or cd’s into the deck and i am ready for the big night and spin the same way i used to spin using my pitch bends and tempo’s. I have been using Traktor for more than 4 years now. Since the day it was launched in Dubai, i always wanted to have a hand on it. When i first bought it and started deejaying with it, people started saying he is playing from the computer. Well, those people or those Deejay’s who spoke like that those days are using Traktor or Serato now. People have a tendency to talk, which is quite natural. But, i believe in the technology and learning from it. Showcasing your Talent with Traktor: Your talent as a DJ is in you, not inside Traktor or Serato. So please don’t listen to people who talk crap. I have even come up and heard some dj’s mixing on virtual dj like a chime and it has really surprised me. Show what you are, how you can prove your talent. As the saying goes -”If your handwriting is BAD, don’t BLAME the pen”. It’s how you play the music or the instrument. You give the output what is in you, not the instrument. The instrument is just a medium. Today with these amazing equipments around me, i feel i can open up my talent to the world which, was hidden inside me. I use the effects from Traktor and modulate it accordingly with what i desire on my beat (not the TRAKTOR’s beat). This is what and where people misunderstand TECHNOLOGY & HUMAN BRAIN / TALENT. So, please. Those who are up to digital deejaying, don’t feel that you are not a DJ. You are still very much a DJ if you know the basics of how to mix and know how to use your equipment (no matter what) to showcase your talent as a DJ. Go ahead and show it to the world what you got…