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Selecting the perfect DAW – Pro tools or FL Studio

Which DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or Mixing Software to use when it comes to your Recording, Mixing & Editing – Pro tools or FL Studio?

As discussed in our earlier post, you must have finally come up to a conclusion which DAW (Pro tools or FL Studio) you want to start your work with. Before you start buying other hardware’s and software’s for your studio, let us spend some time learning about our perfect DAW which, will help us setting up our studio as per our DAW (Pro tools or FL Studio) Pro tools is an industry standard DAW. It is widely used world wide in any biggest to smallest recording studios you visit for your recording, editing or mixing. To get your hands on Pro tools, you better make it sure you have that much of finance worked up with you as it might really get you spending more. But, to no wonder it the worlds best and the most powerful DAW. To start up with, if you don’t have much time or money to go around and spend or check which, DAW you want to work on with then, maybe it’s probably will be a good choice for you to try out FL Studio by image line. FL Studio gives you 30 days FREE trial before you purchase it. The only option which, is disabled is that you cannot save your projects unless you purchase it. But, it will help you out in learning your production skills and trying out the DAW actually before purchasing it ┬áif you are a newbie in production. You can get your FREE download for FL Studio by clicking HERE. Go ahead and download it and try out your new DAW.