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First things First (PC or MAC)

Most of them must be having your very own laptop, a PC or MAC. There are some minimum requirements to start up your home studio may it be a PC or MAC. There is a norm what people say that MAC is always better when it comes to production. I would say maybe and maybe not. I have both and i work on both. I haven’t found much difference working on a PC comparing it with a MAC. The important factor is what software or DAW supports which operation system. For example, FL Studio, the most popular DAW doesn’t work on a MAC unless you install windows separately in a MAC and run it. So, as i said it really doesn’t matter. What actually matters is your creativity and how you put it and bring it out by using the tools. So, get yourself ready with the operating system you have and let’s get started with our next item for our studio and which i would say is the most important item to have – DAW (digital audio workstation) or you can call it in simple terms as the software which you use to produce your music or record. There are various kinds of DAW’s. I am listing them one by one below so that you have an idea.

  • Protools
  • Logic
  • Cubase
  • Ableton Live
  • FL Studio
And the list goes on. You can find loads and loads of software (DAW) which, you can choose from depending on your budget or depending upon your ease of use or how comfortable you are with which one. I personally use FL Studio & Protools. I have tried other DAW’s as well and finally i stuck my head into FL Studio and Protools. Now, you may wonder why? Every person has got his own taste or intelligence level. Depending on how you find yourself comfortable you choose and you will come to know which DAW suits your style of work. ¬†Go ahead and try all the DAW’s which, i have listed and whatever you hear or find over the net or market and get yourself blended with the one you think you are comfortable with.
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