DJ Introductory Course for Beginners

Deejaying is fascinating! We see a lot of people choose to be DJ’s, some choose as a career; some do it as a hobby, some towards their passion for music, and some just to add an extra income to their earnings. Many hang out at the dance floor waiting someday to blend, mix, tweak, scratch and beat. Some go to extents of standing around the consoles with their DJ friends following them through their sets, and capturing in their minds as every track that changes. One can certainly watch someone and learn the basics, but if you really have the passion and the appreciation for music – How about reinventing yourself as a deejay with an introductory course?  Beginners can learn to DJ using DJ software with our Digital DJ Introductory Course for Beginners with live recording detailing your learning moves techniques and combinations. DJ introductory course is all you need to get started, watch out a few of our In house DJ Tutorial Episodes – 1, 2, 3 & 4. The DJ Introductory course covers all you need to know about DJing starting with the principles within which music itself is created, to how it is mixed and even manipulated through EQing, effects and loops. This DJ Introductory course also provides a focus on beat matching without using any automated features within Traktor, Virtual DJ or any other software. Learn transferable DJ skills in the digital environment, as well as how to integrate midi controllers, other DJ equipment and even set beat grids.

Topics covered will be:

Various ways to setup, manage audio flow and creative potential Understanding time codes & musical structure Basic principles of mixing, the BPM counter Beat matching & breakbeats without automatic synchronisation EQing tips & tricks Traktor Setting Beat Grids in Traktor DJ software Creative tips for mixing, music selection & set development Recording professional sounding mixes on any device Compressing recordings to share but maintain quality Promoting yourself for DJ work and your own events Integrating Midi controls

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