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Professional & Certified Dj Course
Learn the art of Deejaying at Studio9. Professional Dj Course in Dubai tailored for you.
Learn to DJ

DJ Course in Dubai – Professional Certificate DJ Course in Dubai by Professional Tutors. One on One training for all students. Tailored for you to be a professional DJ in just one month.
We see a lot of people choose to be DJ’s, some choose as a career; some do it as a hobby, some towards their passion for music, and some just to add an extra income to their earnings. Many hang out at the dance floor waiting someday to blend, mix, tweak, scratch, and beat. Some go to extents of standing around the consoles with their DJ friends following them through their sets, and capturing in their minds as every track that changes. One can certainly watch someone and learn the basics, but if you really have the passion and the appreciation for music – How about reinventing yourself as a deejay with an introductory course?

Course Structure

  • Understanding the DJ station, the individual components of a DJ rig, and their functions during the mix performance
  • Basic principles of mixing, the BPM counterWays to set up and organize your performance space so you can learn clutter-free, manage audio flow and creative potential
  • Detailed explanations for the three common DJ setups (vinyl turntables, CDJs, and digital controllers), along with the pros and cons of using each one Comparison of the two most common DJ software applications (Serato and Traktor) and their specialized features, along with the pros and cons of using each one
  • Commonly used cables for DJ equipment, the different cable adapters for each and the ideal conditions for using each cable and adapter
  • Creative tips for mixing, music selection & set developmentBeat matching & breakbeats without automatic synchronization
  • Basic music theory for DJs and understanding time codes and common musical structures for DJ music styles
  • Integrating Midi controls

Course Duration & Timing

Our DJ Course is specifically designed on One on One training. You get the benefit to learn fast & we gain our confidence in teaching you faster.
  • Total duration of the course is 6 Weeks
  • 2 Days in a Week
  • 2 Hours Each
  • DJ Equipments will be provided by us
  • Professional Certificate Course

Dj Course tailored for you

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