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We drive you all the way in one car towards your destination, through our Studio drive… Are you in search of a production house for high quality audio and video production studio services without having the need to go to different places. Then you are at the right studio, Studio9 is one of the full house production home offering you a unique choice of 2 Studio under one roof – Audio and Visual Production Studio. We specialize in creative and high quality state of art audio and video production services to cater to the advertising needs of all our valuable clients. Complete customer satisfaction is our desire and hence we guarantee the highest level of services and customer care to help you meet all the challenges of corporate communication, all under our Studio. We offer a wide range of services for you to select from. Our services are priced competitively and we also tailor them so they satisfy you budget as well. You may, without hesitation contact us for your multimedia communication needs. Don’t forget once you are here, we assure you receive what you came for. You may call us at 04-5130929 or drop in your query at

Studio9 offers a complete range of audio recording services for corporate, mnc’s, private and small businesses on IVR, message and unique tune on hold. With access to the largest bank of voice artists in various languages, Studio9 through its IVR delivers you the best professional profile for your organisation, an efficient communication channel to your clients. IVR system mostly is considered for big businesses and corporate that get calls on an ongoing basis that require prompt attention and to be answered at all times. This perception is changing with the rapid growth and competition among small businesses as well. While automating calls is one aspect, answering each and every call is important for any business. The rapid growth of any organisation today is due to its customers who reach out either through a visit or through a call. Hence, IVR for every small to big organisation is an essential requirement now a days which should work 24 hours a day providing efficient service. It should be automated in a way that every caller receives a prompt and valuable feel for its time. Studio9 is here to offer the best solutions for your organisation considering your requirements that suits your budget. Call us now for more info, happy to talk and provide the best quote

Having been deejaying, are you not fascinated with the artistic talent that sweeps you in with vivid ideas of remixing? If yes, then have you thought about adding a professional groove to remixing – A certified touch to your Remix. At Studio9, you will learn from the basics starting with the one month course, concentrating on your remix production skills from setting up your DJ gear, integrating effects units, pc’s and other devices. You will learn remixing on your very own tracks on the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your own choice. Our course covers all you need to know to get started and further move on to the advanced skills on production, we cover the maximum topics that then move you to further advance yourself in production. Our topics are:
  • Introduction to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) / Music production software
  • Understanding time codes & musical structure
  • Basic principles and creative tips in mixing
  • Structure of a song (Bar, Beat matching, Syncing the song with your remix project)
  • Arrangement (How to arrange your samples, tunes, compositions in the arrangement window in the DAW)
  • Introduction to Virtual Instruments
  • Understanding levels of various sounds
  • Using effects in the mix
  • Eq’ing tips and tricks
  • Mixing, Mastering & Marketing your remixes

Join now and learn from the master Digital Guru in remixing…

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Deejaying is fascinating! We see a lot of people choose to be DJ’s, some choose as a career; some do it as a hobby, some towards their passion for music, and some just to add an extra income to their earnings. Many hang out at the dance floor waiting someday to blend, mix, tweak, scratch and beat. Some go to extents of standing around the consoles with their DJ friends following them through their sets, and capturing in their minds as every track that changes. One can certainly watch someone and learn the basics, but if you really have the passion and the appreciation for music – How about reinventing yourself as a deejay with an introductory course?  Beginners can learn to DJ using DJ software with our Digital DJ Introductory Course for Beginners with live recording detailing your learning moves techniques and combinations. DJ introductory course is all you need to get started, watch out a few of our In house DJ Tutorial Episodes – 1, 2, 3 & 4. The DJ Introductory course covers all you need to know about DJing starting with the principles within which music itself is created, to how it is mixed and even manipulated through EQing, effects and loops. This DJ Introductory course also provides a focus on beat matching without using any automated features within Traktor, Virtual DJ or any other software. Learn transferable DJ skills in the digital environment, as well as how to integrate midi controllers, other DJ equipment and even set beat grids.

Topics covered will be:

Various ways to setup, manage audio flow and creative potential Understanding time codes & musical structure Basic principles of mixing, the BPM counter Beat matching & breakbeats without automatic synchronisation EQing tips & tricks Traktor Setting Beat Grids in Traktor DJ software Creative tips for mixing, music selection & set development Recording professional sounding mixes on any device Compressing recordings to share but maintain quality Promoting yourself for DJ work and your own events Integrating Midi controls

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Ever wondered before stepping into a recording studio first time in your life what all you should be prepared off? Yes, I am telling you and sharing this piece of information through our blog so that it might help you save your money, time & make you a professional in front of the producer or the engineer when you go for your recording to a studio next time.

Factors you should consider before going for recording vocals

  • Make sure you call up the recording studio & get detailed information about your recording sessions
  • PRACTICE, yes practice as much as you can your piece of song which, you are going to record
  • Select the best time which, you sound good. Every hour of the day, every mood of yours counts while singing; make it sure that you are in a good and proper mood before your recording session
  • Vocal training – is a must before you prepare for any recording session. Let your muscles loosen up, don’t strain too much. If you are learning to sing or recording to learn from your mistakes – what matters is how you sing on what notes you sing, so relax and let it go
  • Don’t be scared of the booths, microphones or the producer. Make yourself comfortable with the environment & take your time to settle down before your recordings
  • Food or Liquid you should eat or drink – These have been always a norm that has troubled singers worldwide. Should i drink this before i go form my recording? Should i record on an empty stomach? Well, it does matter if you record on a full stomach or an empty stomach, but what remains the fact is – how do you sound with an empty stomach and how would you sound with stomach full? It all depends on you and your body characteristics…

Factors you should not do before recording vocals

  • Temper – is a very important factor when it comes to an artist. You should always keep yourself up to the mood of the song which you are about to record.
  • Friends or Family – please try not to take your friends or family while you go for recording. No offense though, but it is the truth. Friends & family or too much of crowd can be a hindrance to your recordings. Minimize your people & go for recording by yourself or with the one who knows what you are up to and can support you with.
  • Avoid Karaoke Versions – cheap karaoke minus one versions are a lot which, is available in the market. They are just looking to sell their product & not to make you as a singer. Remember one thing that the minus one versions what they make have already lost the quality or the original scales or the notes of the real song. So you will be actually practicing your cover on the wrong scale. You can easily purchase a good quality of minus one original music from the net for as low as 90 cents with original music and proper scales. Go for it, instead of cheap karaoke sing along versions.

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Google “Made US meet YOU”

Most of YOU who are here has come from one specific search – Google. When Google started their search engines have we ever thought about that will the world be same? Every query what you are searching for, answers can be found through Google search. If tomorrow we meet up for your project or for any kind of business or even maybe we will remain as just friends – “we personally thank Google for getting to you to us!”

We started our website in the late 2010. I have spent hours building it, optimizing it & working around for solutions by learning all through Google search. Today, i have found immense knowledge in sharing my thoughts on developing a website to get it SEO optimized so that you can find us in the first page in search engines.

Sitting at Studio9, when the phone rings i know it’s another artist or a client who is looking out to get services which, is affordable & doesn’t comprise on quality as well. The moment i talk to them over the phone and ask them – “where did you hear about us?”, the answer has always been – Google search.

Living in Dubai for more than 18 years and producing music for more than 9 years, i have never met this much of musicians, singers or an artist of various caliber just through one website. Google search has not only made our life easier, but it has even made US meet YOU.