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Ever wondered before stepping into a recording studio first time in your life what all you should be prepared off? Yes, I am telling you and sharing this piece of information through our blog so that it might help you save your money, time & make you a professional in front of the producer or the engineer when you go for your recording to a studio next time.

Factors you should consider before going for recording vocals

  • Make sure you call up the recording studio & get detailed information about your recording sessions
  • PRACTICE, yes practice as much as you can your piece of song which, you are going to record
  • Select the best time which, you sound good. Every hour of the day, every mood of yours counts while singing; make it sure that you are in a good and proper mood before your recording session
  • Vocal training – is a must before you prepare for any recording session. Let your muscles loosen up, don’t strain too much. If you are learning to sing or recording to learn from your mistakes – what matters is how you sing on what notes you sing, so relax and let it go
  • Don’t be scared of the booths, microphones or the producer. Make yourself comfortable with the environment & take your time to settle down before your recordings
  • Food or Liquid you should eat or drink – These have been always a norm that has troubled singers worldwide. Should i drink this before i go form my recording? Should i record on an empty stomach? Well, it does matter if you record on a full stomach or an empty stomach, but what remains the fact is – how do you sound with an empty stomach and how would you sound with stomach full? It all depends on you and your body characteristics…

Factors you should not do before recording vocals

  • Temper – is a very important factor when it comes to an artist. You should always keep yourself up to the mood of the song which you are about to record.
  • Friends or Family – please try not to take your friends or family while you go for recording. No offense though, but it is the truth. Friends & family or too much of crowd can be a hindrance to your recordings. Minimize your people & go for recording by yourself or with the one who knows what you are up to and can support you with.
  • Avoid Karaoke Versions – cheap karaoke minus one versions are a lot which, is available in the market. They are just looking to sell their product & not to make you as a singer. Remember one thing that the minus one versions what they make have already lost the quality or the original scales or the notes of the real song. So you will be actually practicing your cover on the wrong scale. You can easily purchase a good quality of minus one original music from the net for as low as 90 cents with original music and proper scales. Go for it, instead of cheap karaoke sing along versions.

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